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We provide curriculum, instructional videos, courseware, and an online learning environment.

We can help you with your online instructional needs.

Virtual Delivery

Courses available for use on any device. Access your course from mobile phones to desktop computers.

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Multiple Formats

We use a variety of instructor-led videos, screen capture, and animation to make courses entertaining.

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Extended Access

Three-month course enrollments provide ample time to complete the course. Free 2-month extensions if needed.

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And So Much More

Courses are complemented with eBooks, quizzes, exercises, discussion boards, and additional resources for a jammed pack experience.

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Take a closer look at the included features:


Course materials are available immediately from Amazon as a Kindle download or for purchase as a printed book.
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Instructors record portions of the course modules with video, thus providing more than just a slide-show experience.
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Animation is used to illustrate important scenarios and complex content to help with comprehension and retention.
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Every course includes quizzes and final exams to ensure student mastery of material.
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When available, additional tools are provided to students to download and use in their organization.
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In addition to the course material, students are provided links to additional information and resources!
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Learning is Fun Again!

Whoever said that virtual training had to be boring?

The eLearning Campus strives to develop not only informative courses but classes that entertain as well as educate. We provide training on any device, in any location, and at a time that is convenient for you.

Cuddle up for the evening, put your slippers on, grab a cup of tea, and learn something new!

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